Let's Grow Together!

2023 Q2

  • Developing and testing the Ordmint platform.

  • Launching the $ORMM token.

  • $ORMM Distribution

2023 Q3

  • The official launch of the Ordmint Beta 1.0.

  • Launch Community-led voting, allowlist, and project listing mechanism.

  • Ordmint NFT Pass Launch

2023 Q4

  • Launch Ordmint marketplace.

  • Dynamic incentives for a long-term commitment ($vORMM).

  • Staking and yielding farming opportunities.

  • Expand partnerships and collaborations.

2024 Q1 Goals:

  • IOS&Android Application

  • Improve liquidity provision

  • Enhance $ORMM holder rights and benefits

  • Expand income-sharing models and increase listing fee revenues

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