✍️Project Listing and Allowlist

Cast Your Magic Votes

The listing process on Ordmint is inherently democratic.

Prospective projects submit their proposals, which are then made available for token holders to review.

Token holders can stake their tokens to cast votes for the projects they support. Token holders aren't just voting stakeholders; they're also beneficiaries of the platform's success.

A part of the listing fee revenue generated from successfully listed projects is shared among token holders, thus aligning the interests of Ordmint and its community.

The rules for the allowlist are also subject to community voting, promoting a truly democratic and inclusive environment. This ensures not just the fairness of the process, but also its profitability for active community members.

The proposed projects with the highest number of votes, subject to due diligence and platform requirements, will be listed on Ordmint.

This approach ensures that the platform stays community-driven, eliminating potential bias and malpractices prevalent in centralized models while creating an incentive structure that rewards active participation.

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